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The Iceberg Revolution

Iceberg is a startup company that seeks to revolutionise the way technology is communicated through system architecture diagrams. An architecture diagram is a visual device used to communicate design, deployment, and topology of a network in the tech sector. Iceberg’s starting MVP is a tool to create animated architecture diagrams with code. Iceberg wants to commercialise their product and have come to us to validate their product idea.

Project background

What is an architecture diagram?

An architecture diagram is a layered representation of a system that is used as a summary of the relationships between components of a network. It is an important document for tech companies that demonstrates an overall view of the physical deployment of a system and how it evolves over time.

It is a tool to teach new and existing team members about a system’s architecture, to communicate the complexity of adding or changing features to stakeholders and troubleshooting when things break.

What Iceberg wants from us

We were presented with an already established MVP, creating and embedding an animated architecture diagram with code. We were asked to validate through research whether there was product-market fit and if this was a product that tech people would want to use. Some questions we were asked to validate included:

  • Who would use this product?

  • Why would they use ours and not competitors?

  • What is the killer feature?

  • Would people be willing to pay for it?

Business metrics for success

We were also given various business metrics to evaluate the success of the project at launch.

  • Do people want to use a tool like this?

  • Do people feel safe to embed a player in their documentation?

  • Will people prefer to use another tool?


Practices: User Research, UX & UI Design, Prototyping

My Roles: Survey, Design Research, Design System, High-Fidelty Prototype

Contributed To: User Interviews, Synthesis, Problem Statement, Persona, Ideation,    MVP, Usability Testing, Mid-Fidelity Prototype

Teammates: Brandon Reynolds, Eastina Zhang, Olivia Mckay