I'm Robert


I’ve worked with some prominent clients in my career as a video editor and motion graphics designer. It’s given me great insight into creative problem solving and the ability to tell a compelling story. As a creative thinker, I wanted to find a better way to do design that would reignite my enthusiasm for creative pursuits. As someone who is curious about the world, I want to learn as much as I can about new topics and about how people think. 


I've worked in many UX design sprints producing user-centric outcomes for clients and stakeholders alike. I'm a double diamond pro with experience working on all parts of the process from user research to UI design. I have 10 years of design experience to back it up, working on numerous projects for clients such as Google and YouTube. 

My skills span the discover, define, develop and deliver framework ranging from user interviews to the very last pixel in high-fidelity mockups. Where others see facts and figures, I see symbols, metaphors, and hidden meanings. I'm deeply empathetic and intuitive, with a vivid imagination and I'm naturally drawn to express my inner world through creative pursuits.

Figma, Sketch, XD, After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator, Photoshop, Wireframing, Prototyping, User Research, Market Research, Surveys, Ideation, Design Systems

Email - roberthecimovic@gmail.com

Phone - 0449 113 033